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Story For The American Screen

Grand mom Karin's Lull-song

Written by Mr. Adil Amin

Translated by: Mr. Ahmed.M.Mustafa


This story was written in Kareema city in the Sudan in the year 1988. A deceased Germany philanthropist has sent his daughter to the area of Shaygia tribes; (Kareema city and surrounded area) to establish an electrical project this made us feel deep gratitude to Germany peoples.This story is considered as an acknowledgement and grateful to those peoples who suffered much during the World War II


KAREEMA 18/1/1988


The album of the family

My son Heinz will grow up one day

He will become a strong man

All people will love him

He is tender like Hungarian natives

Obstinate like his German relatives

In the future he will become an engineer

Study in aviation institute

Hovering far awayWith his plane

To pursue the seeping clouds

Which are traveling to the lands of fathers

In Budapest which lay in the bank of Dunlop River


In the year 1901 Ristaff the Hungarian physician was migrated to German and settled in Berlin City, there he met Karin, school teacher and married her. From this marriage comes "Lora" his daughter. Then the years passed away quickly, and then the world was {1914-1918).AS soon as the war finished, Karin delivered her second baby. It was Heinz {1919}.Lora the "daughter" had been married to Karl, the German officer in the year 1921, and she was delivered her lonely son Mark.The friendship between Heinz and his niece was very strong, because they were similar to each other in their ages and they were in agreement in their moods, the love boxing sport.Heinz studied in the aviation engineer college. He was one of the best students, when he was graduated from the college; he was chosen to work as an assistant to Prof. Brown the famous German scientist. Mark was traced the same steps of his uncle, that he joined the aviation engineer college too. Thus the prediction of Karin the grandmother has achieved when the she was lulling her young son Heinz in his cradle that he will become an engineer in the future. Hitter started to prepare the Nazism Germany to wage the world war II, Mainz, Mark and the Prof. were joined that big factory which produce machines guns for the war. They don't believe in Nazism, they believe only in work, science and boxing sport which Heinz and Mark were attained many awards during their study in the university, and after their graduation. Their dreams were to migrate to the United State of America where the boxing sport has much enthusiasm there. The World War II came {1938-1945} providing misery and woes to Germany as well as to the whole world.When German was defeated {1945} and Japan was subdued thus the war finished.After the great Germany was defeated the Soviet Union forces practiced a large operation, this large operation represents in transferring 2 million of people, all of them from Germany and a big number of developed Germany factories to their land. This great operation led at last to the advanced that the previous Soviet Union has witnessed.The inheritance of the war had been divided between the victorious countries Heinz and Mark were included in this inheritance that the Soviet Union acquired, while Prof. Von brown was for the Americans.

Soviet Union

Many days and long years were passed. In the Soviet Union, Heinz and Mark

suffering was started. Their dreams were vanished completely, and they stayed working in the aviation factories in Lingered city in a miserable psychological condition, "Really misfortunes never come single". The stayed close together, not establishing any kind of relation with any body. Every day they go training for boxing is their favorite sport, and fly with their dreams to America, the year were passed quickly.In their house in Lingered city, they decided to manufacture a small plane. The main purpose of this plane is to be used for escaping, to make transit across the Turkish borders from there to America. The dream that is near to their hearts, they began working in much patience and complete silence, when they were finished from preparing their plane.They decided to celebrate this great occasion, so they went to a nearest bar in order to drink, to cheer up themselves, to celebrate their big escapism from this ironic barrier. Unfortunately Mark drank too much. He was too drunk to remember where he was. He began screaming loudly in the bar, that he and his uncle will leave soon to America, attracting the attention of all the people in the bar.Heinz made many attempts to make him keep silent, to make him calm and quite but he failed. On the other hand Mark filled the bar with many outcries. Finally they got up and went to their house, where they surprised by the intelligence, KJB surrounded the small plane from all sides.Heinz and Mark stayed gazing at the armed police men, and the last effect of their drinking was disappeared completely from their #########. Then they were immediately arrested by the police, they knew that the hard works are waiting for them at Siberia.In Lingered city, in the train station, Heinz and his niece Mark were chained from their hands to each other among a big numbers of prisoners under great observation from Soviet soldiers. The train was brought to transfer them to that fearful desert.It was a tiring journey, the weather was too cold, and while the train was passing the fearful Siberia desert, as if the destiny decided to save them for the next time. While the train was going in the darkness, a bad accident was happened, that its wheels were deviated from the ironic line, and were their much cries, screaming and noises. Most of the prisoners escaped and found their way to the unknown, among these prisoners were Heinz and Mark.The guards killed without mercy many of them with their machine guns. They were lucky enough; they started walking towards south, many days and nights, they were very careful not to pass through big cities, in order not to be seen by the police.The government announced through the means of communications such as radios and televisions a detailed declaration about their descriptions, and warned all the citizens not to cooperate with them, because they are from Nazism party, and they were accused of stealing some dangerous designs so as to smuggle them to America. Despite all the efforts that the government had done, they received assistance from Muslims villages, supplying them with food and clothes. Not only this but some rich people provided them with two horses and told them the right direction to south. They were wearing the national clothes of the villagers, and still lightened together with that iron.One night while the moon was shining brightly, Heinz and Mark were beside the fire warning them. Mark felt that he was sick, and suddenly his temperature got very high, and began to speak out of his mind. It's a horrible nightmare. He was addressing his uncle Heinz "that he will die, but his uncle will escape to America, and he recommended him to tell the Prof. his best regards, also he told his uncle that he will find an American who will train him the techniques of boxing sport so as to win the boxing competition in stead of him.Mar's terrible nightmare was very painful for Him. He was affected very much.Fairly in the morning and before the sun shines, Heinz got up and pulled the chain which linked him firmly with his niece in a tender way, so as to wake him up, but he did not more. He rushed towards him. He found him staring with his eyes to the sky and his soul was passed. Heinz closed the eyes of his niece and began to cry bitterly, and the song of Karin, the grandmother which Lora was singing repeated in his ears in that forlorn desert."One day my son Mark will grow up" He remembers the chain which linked him with Mark's corpse. He got up carried him on his horse, and whipped the horse which ran far a way. He moved a little distance towards the train way. He put Mark's corpse between the rail way lines, and laid beside it waiting for the train which was appeared in the far horizon.A little moments later, the train rushed quickly tearing Mark's corpse, thus his hand was released except from the rounded iron which was remained like a circle round his hand. He got up and looked sorrow fully at the pieces of the corpse which was scattered. He collected the pieces, putting them in a bundle then he buried it in a small grave, putting on it a crucifix made from the branches of a tree, prayed to his soul, then he rode his horse and went south.He passed through Georgia district. In his way he found a little pond. He felt that is he is in need to have both. He took off his clothes, putting it beside his horse became completely naked and sank in the water; suddenly he noticed that some body watching him. He turned in terror to see a beautiful gipsy lady on a white horse looking at him in a curious manner.He got out of the water, dressed his clothes as quickly as possible and advanced towards the lady and greeted her. He tried to explain her everything. But she replied that, she knew who he is. "She heard the call from the radio, and told him that she was living with her relatives near by. She indicated to the far mountains, which separated Turkish border from Soviet Union border, and informed him also if he crossed these mountains, he would find himself in Turkey.She handed him gipsy clothes which she was in a small bundle to be watched. Then she ordered him to wear it. He hided himself behind a tree and wore the gipsy clothes which were decorated with many different colors. He looked very laughable in his new dress, so that Hanna the beautiful gipsy lady gave a little laugh at him.He smiled at her in a friendly way. She fastened earrings to his ears, and ordered him to ride his horse and walked behind her. He walked beside her in that rugged mountains, far a way the vast stretched plain appeared in front of then which extended to mountains. In this area, many Soviet Union were camping, watching the borders from infiltrators.She informed him that if these soldiers knew his matter they would tear him to pieces, in order to get rid of this dangerous situation, he must rush quickly and chase her with his horse as if they were gypsies, then she hurried in front of him with her horse, and He flow behind her, while she was laughing lively a cross the vast plain, where the Soviet Union soldiers laying in a lazy way.One of the soldiers looked at them and cried loudly while he was yawing, "demon you gypsies, for they don't believe in the international border. Surely they are going to Turkey to intercourse these.The soldiers gave a loud laughter while they were looking at the two horses which where running in a marvelous way, across the vast plain. The kakas Mountains started to appear gradually, while the camp was disappearing behind the plain. They crossed Turkish border. Hanna stopped her horse. She was out of breath.He came near her, looking with gratefully. Then she gave he small purse filled with money it was hidden among her clothes. This action affected him very much had made his tears came down immediately. The lady indicated to him to go towards Karris, a Turkish city. Before her leaving, she gave Him along lovely look. Then she turned back from where she comes.


He stayed watching her, till she was disappeared in the far horizon. After that he started walking towards Karris which he was arrive it late in the night. He went to a small quite bar to have something to eat and drink, because he was too hungry. Heinz entered the bar with his gipsy clothes, sat in the table eating in silence Kareem the young rich Turkish man and his beautiful girlfriend Fatima were sitting beside him and whispering. Suddenly two huge men entered the bar, and found their way near Kareem. One of the two men grasped him firmly, and knocked him down, letting him fall in front of Him , who was eating indifferently, not knowing what had happened around him, while Fatima screamed loudly to the two men to let her lover free. One of the two men was approached him with a knife in his hand trying to stop him, while Kareem mouth was bleeding. With his international experience in boxing, He immediately got up and began to beat the two men very hard. In this moment the police arrived and arrested all the people in the bar.And were taken to the police station, which like an old castle where they were questioned about their documents and identity cards, then soon they were set free with a guarantee except Heinz who was un identified the guard grasped him with his strong hand and pushed him into a dark jail with small lantern to let the light in from outside, while He was sitting in his dirty jail, entered the Turkish officer Agha Khan advanced towards him and ordered him to get up sharply He got up and came nearer to the iron bar door and stood in front of the huge officer who began to speculate him in a silly way then he turned his eyes to His hand which was circulated with a piece of metal and after a long consideration he cried a loud "you are not a gipsy aren't you I know who you are, I heard the calling from the radio, are you Heinz or Mark?" "I'm Heinz, he replied. Mark was died" Heinz stayed staring at him while the homosexual officer investigating him with his wicked eyes and laughed strange laugher and informed him that if he were not subdue to his abnormal desires he would submit him to the border's guard in the morning and he will give him an opportunity to think carefully about the matter.Then he went to his office to drink the rest of his wine from the bottle that was in front of him and looking at Heinz who was sitting in the jails corner staring at the deviant officer with disgust a few moments he heard his loud snoring then he went into a deep slumber.The light of the moon infiltrates slowly through His jail making a light square in front of him, a shadow of black rope reflected from outside to this square. He heard a low whispering from the lantern. He got up to know who was their to his surprise he found Kareem the Turkish youth hanging himself with a rope and looking at him through the window he came to save him. Heinz jumped and hand the lantern then pulled himself outside hanging from this high place following Kareem from behind, when they reached the ground, they where surprised also to find Fatima waiting for them. She took them with her Luxury car, in side the car and while it was running fast Kareem knew Heinz's tragedy he took him to one suburb of the town to the house of an old man who specialized in making artificial Turkish passports. The old man started to prepare the passport while He was chatting with Kareem and his girlfriend. He informed him about Rida the famous drug merchant in the town. And the two villain men in the bar were his men. Rida wanted to marry his son Aziz to Fatima, but she was in love with Kareem and they were at the same university. Heinz realized that Kareem's father was a rich man, possessing a factory for ready made clothes.Finally the old man prepared the passport and they where went to the train station. After He had thrown his gipsy clothes a way. In the station and in front of the train which was leaving to Ankara Kareem gave Him the address of his Italian friend Rudy in Rome perhaps he would need help.Kareem gave him a large sum of dollars. Fatima took her golden necklace from her neck, which written on it "Allah" and put it around Heinz's neck. They asked him to contact them all his way, till his arrived to America. The train moved, and He stayed waving his hand to them till the train disappeared in the horizon. He sat be side the window thinking, while the train was running with its full speed.


Heinz took the Express train from Ankara to Milan and from there to Rome the capital of Italy. He started writing a letters to his Turkish friends from his room in the hotel. He mailed the letters in his way back to the hotel; he passed through a large plain in the heart of Rome. Where pigeons covered the ground, and many beautiful status which made by the famous medieval artists scattered everywhere. He stopped one of the newspaper sellers to buy one; perhaps he would find some information about the train accident in Siberia.There was a man wearing a long jacket with a hat on his head and a black spectacle watching him carefully. While there was another man aiming his automatic machine gun directly to his head from a high building, not far from his place, as soon as he bent his head to take the magazine from the pavement, he heard a loud noise suddenly. It was the sound of a butter fired from a gun. There was an Italian youth sitting with her girlfriend against the neighboring pavement, luckily the lady was saved, but the boy injured. He fell on the ground bleeding; the lady through herself on the boy with aloud cries, an ambulance car arrived and took him to the nearest hospital. In this crowded moments, He knew by his sense that some body might have chased him. He calls for Rudy from a general phone cabin. Soon he received a very warm welcome. He told Rudy all the details of his story. Immediately Rudy hurried to the hotel, and brought Heinz's bags and documents. Early in the morning in the train station, Rudy said goodbye to him who took the train to Paris, he was very careful, looking around himself in terror, in the train carriage, because fear has become a part of his life. Finally He was arrived in Paris.


While he was wondering through Polonius Park and after he had sent a message to his friend Rudy and his Turkish friends, Kareem and Fatima the seated himself in one of the seats which were scattered around, thinking deeply. Clara the beautiful French lady seated herself beside him, greeting him with a pale smile. Suddenly she burst out crying. He approached to cheer her up. Clara was a good frank lady by nature, like her French natives. She told him about her troubles with her tough troublesome friend Morris which all her attempts were failed to reform him. He was listening to her politely till she finished her story, she felt with great comfort, and then he excused her to leave. She was looking at him while he was going with a great admiration and curiosity. She was fascinated by him completely. With the setting of the sun, when he was about to leave the park he noticed two men were chasing him from behind, with a quick glance, he was able to see their ghosts, two men with a long jackets, hats and black spectacles, their hands inside the jackets of chair long jackets.It seemed to him that he had seen one of them in Rome. Those are the intelligence men. He started to increase the speed of his footsteps, and the two men quicken their paces behind him also. He became sure that these evil men would kill him soon, particularly the Polonius Park become empty expect from a few people. The two men might have been provided with a soundless pistol. In this serious moment, He heard a loud whistling of car's break. It's Clara's car. It stopped beside him. With a broad smile Clara invited him to ride. He took the car and turned in terror, which attracted Clara's astonishment, No signs of criminals were seen on the features of this mild mannered man. Then who was choosing him? In the road Clara was invited him again to have super with her in a very quite restaurant. When they were having their super, and chatting about different subjects, she told him was about the savageness of her friend Morris. A moment later Morris entered the restaurant, his eyes were sparkled with evils, and his attempts of knocking Heinz a hard knock was failed, because Heinz pulled himself back as quickly as possible, which made Morris lost his balance and fell unconscious after he had struck his head against the table the age of the table.Clara got up, looking at him with great admiration. Then they went together to the street. She stopped her car in front of the hotel in which He was reside, and said "goodbye" to him, with along lovely kiss which made Him lost his mind, to fire swim in a romantic world, she promised to meet him tomorrow. She stayed looking at him till he entered the hotel. She smiled a broad smile, and then she rushed a way with her fantastic car.He was in his room in the tenth floor, closing the door behind him with the key, while his face was filled with happiness.He advanced towards a mirror, looking at his untidy hair, rushed to the bathroom whistling in a good mood, shaved his growing beard, well dressed, and stood in front of the mirror again to see his new shape, smiled to himself with content. He became very elegant. Clara a roused in him the sparkle of love which fainted by the death of his niece Mark, he laid on his bed indifferently staring of the roof. As soon as he put off the lamp and closed his eyes, he heard sounds of heavy footsteps coming to and fro. He knew these footsteps very well. Some one tried to open his door, he felt sure that they wanted him; they wanted to enter the room. He got up quietly and arranged his bed neatly, opened the window that was against the street, passed the black curtain and hided himself behind it. Then he closed the window, and sat looking behind the curtain what was going inside the room, while the sound of the peoples and cars beneath him coming from far a way. Heinz gazed down from that high point to the peoples and cars again, which look like a very small living creatures. A sudden shudder of fear passed through his body. "I am going to die no way" He said to himself. The outer door opened quickly clung on the edge of the window, hanging down. The two men entered the room. One of them started to look for him carefully aiming his touch on his tidy bed. He spoke with his companion that Heinz did not come yet and still outside. one of them stepped towards the window, but his companion called him at the last moments, and turned a way, after they had closed the door behind them. He took a deep breath, pushed the window, raised the curtain and entered the room his face over come by depression. He lay on bed.Suddenly he burst in to tears a companied by despair and pessimistic. He a wake early in the morning, dressed his clothes as quickly as possible, took the lift to the first floor. In the reception of the hotel. He left an affectionate letter with a white rose to his girl friend Clara, and then he took a taxi to airport for the purpose of leaving to London.Clara came back to the hotel. The receptionist told her a bout the letter and the beautiful roses that he recommended to be submitted to her. She was much surprised by this sudden departure, let out started cry as she collapsed on the tongue.


The plane arrived in Heathrow international airport in London. He stayed in a hotel which opposite Hide-Park writing a letter to his dearest friends. He posted the letter, and while he was wondering in this famous Park turning his head from time to time in a great terror, the same strange feelings which always with where ever he goes. In the evening he went to the hotel; found his room turned upside down. He was very furious. He started to cry like a mad man, addressing illusion people. What would you want from me you dirty Russian?" "I did not hurt any body" "I am not a Nazis, and I did not steal any designs as your radio and TV announced". I would like only to leave to America.In order to be professional boxer, "what do you want from me?" "Why do you want to kill me?" "What is the advantage of my killing?" He cried bitterly on his bed. He Roses up, collected all his bags, which scattered every where in the room, he touches his passport inside the pocket of his coat. Then he went. From Liverpool harbor, the British ship left to New York taking pathetic Heinz who was growing old very fast, while white hair invaded his head. He stayed below the deck enjoying him by the view of big sharks swimming in front of the ship. The ship was going along the Atlantic ocean very quietly, crowded with different people from different countries, and they all dreamed about wealth and fame and the new world. He was spending most of his time writing letters to his friends, or writing his notice or his autobiography. The journey was too terrible. The weather was cold. He suffered much. After a week or so, the landmark of New York City was seen from far distance. All the peoples shouted with joy and happiness. For the first time he felt that he was free.He stood looking at the statue of liberty proudly, and with great respect "this is the land of freedom" He said to himself quietly. His eyes filled with tears of happiness. At last all his serious problems vanished for ever.


In New York, this great metropolitan city, He found himself a seat in one of its restaurant. A great signs of happiness were drown on his face, while he was having his super, but his happiness was not continued long, because the intelligence men with their long jackets and black spectacle were face to face with him.He looked at them seriously. Put his spectacle on the table, and went towards water closet, pulled its window with his strong hands.When he passed through it, jumping to the ground, unfortunately his heel was damaged badly, for the restaurant was on the second floor. He got up with difficulty while he was resisting the sharp pain. He started moving towards the main street, and wearing to a luxury car.When the car approached, he was laying on the ground suffering from pain and exhaustion. She was the young physician Mary the daughter of Professor Von Brown, their old teacher who worked in the American Space Agency NASA. Mary took Him by her fine car to her bigger house in Manhattan where he received intensive care.While He was lying on the bed with his leg hanging over her father arrived immediately. Heinz recognized him with great difficulty "What a surprise?" "I could not believe my eyes that is you Heinz" said the professor. "Welcome you welcome you dear friend, who could believe that we can meet again?" "They were both in a great happiness.He told him about Mark's death. He was too sorry for that. Mary the professor daughter a admired Him very much, and fell in love with him, soon they reciprocated love.He married the daughter of his reverent teacher "the professor" after he had found him a job "aviation club while owned by one of his richest friend. The days passed very fast. Heinz and his beautiful wife Mary decided to leave for Chicago city, and begin a new life there.In Chicago they lived in a very modest house, where they delivered their first daughter Lula, as he and his family wondering through one of the city park. He glance John, the black American man, who was performing boxing sport, to his astonished Heinz approached this and knocks him down. John fell down, and became very angry with this unknown stranger.He got up at once with great anger, and rushed towards him in an attempt to knock him down, but Heinz avoided all his knocks skillfully, the thing which astonished John very much. He became a ware that this man belong an excellent experience in the art of this sport. They became very close friends. This friendship extended to their families.First Heinz introduced John to his family; in turn John introduced his nice girlfriend Rita to Heinz. John was working in a garage for repairing cars, where as Rita worked as a singer in a night club. Heinz began to train John the technique of boxing in a very extensive way. John achieved good progress in boxing in a short time, there for he learned the secret of success, which he and Mark created.It summed up in avoiding the knocks of the enemy by bending back a little, but this action needs a flexible backbone, and then to rush towards the rival giving him two following knocks with the left fist to the face, so that the enemy will lose his balance, after that to tackle him lay the right hand to fell down unconsciously.John acquired the game skillfully. There was a large announcement in the media and all means of communication, the advertisement was so great. Thousand of people crowded from various provinces of America to Chicago, the multiracial city to attend the match. Three million dollars specialized to the first winner, the preparatory match began, which Johns over came them all by the great encouragement that he received from John's family and his wife who delivered him mark, the new born baby.This is the final round by which Heinz and Johns will become millionaires. The competition was very excited. His rival was not an easy one. He was a professional boxer, from the light weight, with a heavy technical knock that he learned from Heinz. Thus was the conclusion of his rival. The people shouted with joy. Heinz jumped up, and raised his friend highly, thinking that Johns was his niece Mark.Heinz started to circulate with Johns happily. In this joyful moments, the intelligence man with their long jackets appeared from the rows which at the end. he saw them, immediately his features changed, and his face covered with depression. Johns looked at him in astonishment, and to the two men. He asked his friend about them, but Heinz told him that he will tell him everything later on. Then he started laughing again.Heinz and his friend inaugurated their new aviation club, among a large number of people, shouting and whistling happily and surrounded Rita while she was singing in the open air. The days passed, and the strong friendship between the two families still as it is. Rita used to sing in the Christmas holidays. They were waiting for these beautiful occasions to come. They seized the opportunity to celebrate one of these occasions, in the limited day Rita was sitting in front of a valuable piano in Heinz's house, surrounded by the lovely children, her little baby Bobbi, and the two children of Heinz, Lula and Mark.They are repeating Karin's song, which Heinz helped them to memorized it by heart. "My son Mark will grow up one day, and became a strong man." While John and Mary preparing the birthday tree, the clock was about to struck twelve indicating the coming of the New Year. They were all upset and annoyed while they were waiting Heinz arrival from the city, caring the toys, dolls and the other presents, which he used to bring them each year, wearing the clothes of Santa clues.The three children frequently look through the window to the street to see Heinz car. Soon the children rushed out gaily clapping their hands and started looking at him while he was leaving the car, handling the presents with both hands. John was trying to open the gate to welcome him.In this joyful moment, a strong light was seen from a car which was hiding in a corner and rushed with a full speed towards Heinz who stood amazing in the middle of the street not knowing what to do, the car knocked Heinz. The presents scattered every where, he fell on the ground unconscious. John hurried after the car in order to catch it or at least to take the number.When he failed to do so, he throw them with his hat screaming "damn you dirty Russian" he came back to Heinz body, which was laid on the street. He was surrounded by all the people in the house, and she signs of deep grief were written on their faces, the faces of innocent children. He raised his head with difficulty looking at the three children who were sitting in front of him.Mary put his head on her lap, while Rita sitting besides her crying. He looked at the three children and stretched his bleeding hand stroking his son's hair, and said with difficulty "Thank Allah that you were born in the land of freedom, and you would not suffer from the wearer of the long jackets" then he died peacefully.The children leaned over him putting their last kisses on his bleeding forehead, and with the whistling of the ambulance policemen and neighboring church's bells which struck 12 in the middle of the night, the old song was heard "My son Heinz will grow up one day".



NOTE :.Published in Yemen by Obady Centre For Studies As a book of short stories. Titled "All Colors Of Dark" in 2001

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